HR Grapevine - Firm treats employees to Europe trip as a 'thank you'

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Workplace perks are a fundamental tool in keeping employees engaged, whether that is offering remote working, unlimited holiday or staff discounts, employees want to feel appreciated.

One US cosmetic company has gone one step further to reward its staff who hit their sales target, with a paid for dream holiday to Switzerland.

The Florida-based firm Jeunesse Global is taking its 12,000 employees in China to Switzerland to thank them for all their hard work, reports the Daily Mail.

The trip will reportedly cost the firm around 12 to 14 million Swiss Franc (£9.2-10.7 million). Employees will arrive in Europe in three batches, where they will visit some of the most popular scenic spots in the country.

One employee called Dannie Li explained that this year’s trip wasn’t the first mass group tour for the company. Last year the firm took its sales staff in North America to Rome, as well as an incentive trip to Australia.

Li said: “6,500 of us were divided into groups and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We also had a 3,000-strong picnic in the Sydney Olympic Park.

“That was the first time I had joined a company tour and the first time I had attended an event with so many people. It was a memorable experience.”

Jeunesse Global isn’t the only company to reward its staff with an all-expenses-paid trip; HR Grapevine previously reported that Turn Partners regularly treats its staff to month-long luxury holidays to destinations such as Thailand and Mexico.

Meanwhile, in 2015 Tiens Group Company Chairman Li Jinyuan took 6,400 of his employees on a four-day holiday to France.