HR Grapevine - How to manage employee relations with data driven insights

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While there has been a significant increase in the use of analytics in many areas of HR, many organisations are still heavily reliant on spreadsheets and paper-based systems for their case management.

With HR teams responsible for handling serious issues such as conflict, grievances and disciplinaries, information needs to be recorded and managed efficiently.

Tracking and recording employee relations cases using spreadsheets only contains the most basic of information meaning businesses are putting themselves at risk of employment tribunals, and while there is no legal requirement to keep any data regarding employee relations cases; it's highly recommended.

Organisations should look to move beyond these archaic systems and adopt a more mature and automated process which can help gather accurate data but also the opportunity to use the data to drive decision making. An automated process will improve the overall accuracy, reduce the potential for human error and not only provide a clear picture of the number of cases but also what stages they are at. By recording data in this way, it can also help identify patterns of behaviour and trends which could provide HR managers with early warning signs.

In the article, we highlight the importance of data-driven insights in managing employee relations and how being data-driven ensures that the results HR analytics provide are aligned with the overall strategic goals of the organisation.