HR Grapevine: - HR team reveals what causes employee resignations

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Employees may quit their jobs for a number of reasons. For example, they may find their current job too stressful or feel their hours are too long, while others may want to improve their work-life balance.

Some even leave their jobs due to who their manager is and how they operate, however, according to Facebook’s HR and People Growth team, the reason why employees throw in the towel can be summed up in three words: It’s the job.

The team at the social media giant tracked why their staff were leaving, reports Inc, which found that the tasks and responsibilities were behind why people chose to resign.

It discovered that staff were generally happy with their bosses and how they worked, meaning managers can play a huge part in retaining staff and helping to avoid receiving a resignation letter.

Earlier this year, HR Grapevine also reported that workers would be happy to look elsewhere for new opportunities if their current role didn’t match up, following research by animal charity, SPANA.

Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive of SPANA, said: “A good work-life balance, minimal stress, a decent salary and an appreciative boss are important for many employees. And handing in your notice is always an option if working life doesn’t live up to expectations.”

Facebook’s HR bosses have since shared their tips to help managers keep their employees happy and motivated in the workplace, as published in the Harvard Business Review:

Craft jobs around employees’ interests

Carry out ‘entry interviews’

Wharton professor Adam Grant contributed to the Facebook HR study and advises that HR managers should host entry interviews so that they can gain an in-depth insight into a new employee and what interests them. This way they can create an engaging role tailored to that employee from the start.

Play to people’s strengths

Facebook’s HR bosses advise that managers should recognise what unique strengths people can bring to the company and use them. For example, HR can create new tasks that leverage those strengths or offer workers more facilities so they can expand on their strengths to apply to the business.

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