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Revealed – The UK’s fastest growing jobs

‘IT engineer’ is the fastest growing job in Britain, with demand from employers outpacing that for any other role, according to data released by the world’s largest job site, Indeed.

Job vacancies for IT engineers leapt by more than a third (33.7%) between April 2018 and now, compared with the levels seen in the preceding 12 months – making the role the fastest growing in the British jobs market.

The analysis also reveals strong demand for other design and technology professionals. Vacancies for product designers increased by nearly a third (31.8%) over the same period, while CNC machinists – who specialise in making machine parts for industry – account for the fourth fastest growing job (up 31.2%). Demand for mobile developers jumped by 28.2%, putting it comfortably into the top 10 fastest growing roles.

Rank Title Average salary Jobs per million (April 2017-18) Jobs per million (April 2018-19) % Increase
1 IT Engineer £28,212 154 206 33.7
2 Salon Assistant £16,029 172 230 33.6
3 Product Designer £38,203 170 224 31.8
4 CNC Machinist £27,881 121 159 31.2
5 Assistant Principal £51,541 109 142 29.5
6 Recruiting Assistant £22,352 72 92 28.5
7 Mobile Developer £34,971 477 612 28.2
8 Designer £32,638 67 85 26.3
9 Car Wash Attendant £15,873 167 210 26.2
10 Conveyancing Assistant £19,746 62 78 25.8
11 Payroll Officer £24,656 131 165 25.6
12 Medical Receptionist £16,868 293 365 24.3
13 Kitchen Supervisor £17,882 81 98 21.3
14 Farm Worker £16,419 128 155 21.1
15 Workshop Engineer £25,605 106 128 20.7

These surges in employer demand come against the backdrop of the UK’s record low unemployment rate. The shrinking pool of available workers means recruiters are having to fight increasingly hard to attract staff across the board, but the challenges are particularly acute for those seeking to fill roles with such intense competition.

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director of the global job site Indeed, says:

“The UK’s fastest growing jobs range from entry level roles to highly specialist positions, showing that employers generally demand a wide range of experience and skills.

“Virtually all organisations – not to mention the country as a whole – rely on IT infrastructure, and as a result the need for people who can install, service and protect it has mushroomed.

“Likewise the surging demand for mobile developers and those with advanced manufacturing skills like CNC machinists.

“While the tightness of the labour market means employers in many sectors are having to reconsider how they attract talent, all this competition is great news for jobseekers.

“It’s striking that the roles seeing the greatest growth in demand often reward highly skilled people with high salaries, even at entry level. For jobseekers the message is clear – no matter where you are in your career path, opportunity is there if you feel like a change.”

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