Jeff Dulemba: - Why your RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is driving you to drink

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a recruitment partner that becomes a part of your team and either manages a function or subfunctions of your Talent Acquisition Process.

1). You made cost the #1 priority.

2). They never told you about the "stabilization" period in the sales process.

2). The communication strategy for the organization was not properly aligned, planned, or executed.

3). You have the wrong resources aligned to the account or you are in the wrong model.

4). You outsourced your "problems" hoping your partner could fix internal issues.

5). Your RPO only helps to fill roles, not execute strategies.

6). The RPO is skimping on the right tools to source the right candidates.

7). Misaligned metrics to measure success.

Your RPO should take you on a journey from good to great. It takes time to build efficiencies, economies of scale, and repeatable success. RPO has turned into a volume game of filling requisitions vs a solutions provider. It's important to understand the model, evolution, and outcomes when picking your partner.