LinkedIn Pulse - The 7 People All High Performers Need in Their Life

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You will meet thousands of people throughout your life. Each one of them has the chance to play a huge role and create a momentous influence in your story. Even though we can’t possibly control the casting for every relationship, we can be intentional about seeking out certain types of individuals and spending more time with them.

In this article, I want to help define a few of the people that all high performers need to surround themselves with in order to succeed. Success and happiness comes from within, but it’s also very much about the people we choose to have around us. While toxic people can be disastrous to our energy and sense of self, the right friends, mentors and partners can support us, empower us, uplift us and help us take on the world. They’ll be the team, the tribe, the family that helps you get where you’re trying to go.

The Open-Minded Explorer

These people are usually charismatic and that friend that everybody likes. They are experts in connecting with others and their personality draws you in and makes you feel included. These social butterflies love connecting with people, which tends to make them popular. The open-minded explorer is also someone who will try new things with you, like attend a networking event, go on a road trip or try a new class you’ve been interested in but too scared to go on your own. When you want to break out of your comfort zone, these are your go-to people because they are usually up for anything and there’s nothing they love more than trying new things and meeting new people.

The Cheerleader

Doing new or challenging things can seem intimidating or just downright terrifying. Cheerleaders recognize these moments and will be the first person to cheer you on. You can always count on them to lift your spirits, motivate you through challenges and make you smile. No matter how big or small, they will help celebrate your victories. They root for you to have the best results in life, no matter your path. If you’re starting a new venture, this person will go out of their way to give you a call on the day of its launch. When you fail at something, this is the person who will remind you of the positive side of the situation.

The Visionary Thinker

This is the friend who loves a profound conversation. Small talk usually isn’t their thing; instead, they opt for brainstorming on big problems, business ideas, and goals. They like to think big, but can also discuss theories and facts in extensive detail. High performers need a “big picture” person to go to for inspiration and vision. When you’re in the mood to have an intellectually stimulating conversation or need critic on a new business concept, these are your go-to friends. They’ll help you talk things out, but most of all, they’ll totally understand your big goals and outrageous ideas. This person is great because they’ll help you exercise your imagination and then outline the logistics.

The Coach

It’s advisable to have at least one person in your life who has traversed a path somewhat similar to the one which you foresee for yourself going down. The coach has accomplished goals you’d like to achieve. You can come to them to discuss problems, ask for advice and seek their help when you feel stuck. It’s essential to have someone that can honestly and patiently help guide the way through challenges that might arise along with helping you work toward success. Surround yourself with people you admire, look up to and want to emulate. They are the awesome people you dream of becoming one day. These people can impact you tremendously because they can help infuse self-belief and confidence in you that you can succeed and accomplish your goals. But just a note, coaches can be tough love. They give a lot of feedback and push as much as they encourage, so you have to be open to their critique.

The Non-Judgmental Listener

We all need a friend that makes us feel as though we’re worthy of love and support, not just on our good days, but especially when we are struggling on our bad days. The non-judgmental listener provides the kind-hearted warmth that we often need after a big blow or a series of tough days that bring out the negative side. They help you express your emotions in a healthy way and they never judge you when you stumble or fail, which creates the highest levels of trust and friendship. They’ll be your therapist when you’re going through a lot and a listening ear when you’re working through a problem or puzzle. These people are crucial to your group and remind you of the importance of being a listener.

The Brutally Honest Anchor

This is the perfect compliment to your non-judgmental listener. The brutally honest advisor gives you the truth, no matter how hard it is to hear. When we need critical feedback or someone to call us out and keep us honest every now and then, we can always look to them to deliver it. They don’t mince words while giving their opinions, which helps us have a more balanced view of ourselves and be aware of our blind spots. This is the feedback that, when balanced with positive encouragement, will help us grow.

The Take-Charge Doer

These are the people who do not like to sit still. They put their plans into action and all of their hard work becomes success. The doers set specific deadlines to make sure that they achieve their goals. They also see challenges and obstacles as a great opportunity to push themselves. Surround yourself with these people. They will inspire you to overcome procrastination, take action and move steadily toward your goals. If it wasn’t for the take-charge doers, your group would spend twice the amount of time making decisions on plans. They seem to have a natural gift for leadership, making decisions, and considering options and ideas quickly yet carefully. They move you forward from ideas to execution.

Do you still have a few vacancies? Don’t worry, just be open with the problems or people you're missing and you'll begin to attract them.

Are there some people who quickly come to mind? Tell them what they mean to you. Thank them and pass this along.

Any chance you get, be the love and support to others that you're getting in return. We all play many of these roles to various people’s lives. You might be the listener to one and the coach to the next. Share your encouragement, wisdom, skills, feedback and energy. It's the best way to say thanks to the people who have pulled you up on the path to greatness.