Recruitment Grapevine - Huawei reveals how it plans to attract talent

An article written by Jade Burke at Recruitment Grapevine regarding Huawei - Under fire tech firm Huawei reveals how it plans to attract talent. 

Customers are centric to any business, especially to global tech giant Huawei who recently launched its Customer Experience Officer recruitment campaign. 

With sales increasing within the business, Huawei is looking to deliver the best customer experience it can, meaning the importance of having a fully-functioning, motivated team is essential. 

Despite the recent controversial headlines surrounding the company, with many fearing that Huawei is using its tech to spy on people, it has initiated a targeted recruitment campaign that aims to hire the very best talent in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. The campaign is set to be distributed across social channels with a film describing the new role and the ideal candidates for the job.

“We have a very rapid growth, with sales of two million smartphones globally in 2018 alone; as such we are hiring new recruits that help us to support this,” Vivienne Lee, HR Director for Western Europe Consumer Business Group at Huawei, told HR Grapevine.

“We are attracting applicants across a range of industries, not just those with a background in telecoms – we would like to hire the very best person to place our customers first.”

Sourcing the very best talent is at the heart of Huawei’s recruiting process, where employees are encouraged to showcase their maximum abilities. For example, the company offers different workshops for each individual to expand their skill set and grow.

But that’s not all, as HR is a fundamental factor within the company to benefit each employee – for example, Huawei revealed to HR Grapevine that it is ‘very open’ to flexible working to allow staff to leave early or finish early when necessary to help promote a healthy work/life balance, while the introduction of a buddy programme allows new staff members to get acquainted with the business and its processes quickly.

Lee added: “With all these programmes for the new employees, we hope to give them internal training and the ability to get up to speed with the business.

“Following the HR programme and HR responsibility we’ve bundled with our business strategy, we would like to make not only the business a success but also meet all the requirements from all the consumers. With our consumer success our business becomes a success and then our HR can be a success.”

Getting the chance to build and showcase your talent is every employee’s dream, something the tech giant prides itself on. With the consumer side of the business at the core of HR, ensuring staff are happy and motivated is key to maintaining a healthy workforce, and Huawei is hoping to achieve just that. Lee enthuses:

“We don’t only want people to join us to show their talent; we also want them to grow with us alongside the rapid speed of the business.”

“People aren’t joining us to show what they have experience in, as they also grow with us because the consumer business is changing every day, including the different terminals and even the technologies. People can learn from us and upgrade their career paths for their future.”

With the launch of the customer experience recruitment campaign under its belt, Huawei is hopeful to attract some truly great talent, despite the recent proactive headlines and court cases the company is facing.

Why is Huawei hitting headlines?

The tech giant has come under fire recently, with some countries fearing that Huawei is being used by the Chinese Government to spy on people, reported the BBC. However, the company has denied the accusations and has insisted it has no links to the Government.  

Meanwhile, back in 2018, a report in the UK said it has ‘only limited assurance’ that Huawei’s broadband and mobile tech wasn’t a threat to national security.

A court case is now taking place in the US, where Huawei has been accused of bank fraud, obstruction of justice and theft of technology from its competitor T-Mobile.