Recruitment Grapevine - Is this the most inappropriate use of LinkedIn?

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Social media platforms are one of the most popular ways in which individuals can network with one another and get their voice known.

LinkedIn is a professional network on which people communicate with employers and source new job opportunities; as such, it is one of the most popular platforms among professionals.

However, one user got more than she bargained for when she received a message from a man she had never met before. Believing it to be a potential job offer from a recruiter or employer, she opened the message. Instead, she was propositioned by a man who saw her profile on the dating app Tinder, reports The Guardian.

After suspecting that the pair wouldn’t match, the man researched her last name and sought out her professional profile on the site.

Katie Cunningham took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the message, which led to a number of other women sharing their own dating app horror stories, with one claiming that a potential suitor called her at her place of work after Googling her office’s contact number.

The majority of LinkedIn users understand that the platform is used for professional means only. However, this man certainly tried his luck when it comes to attempting to get a date.

As such, Recruitment Grapevine has come up with some tips and advice on how recruiters and employers can use LinkedIn professionally to headhunt and source candidates appropriately.

Build your profile

If you are actively going to use LinkedIn as a method to find potential candidates, ensure your personal profile includes all the relevant information the user would need to identify you. For example, include a link back to the company website, explain your experience with your current firm and what positions you have filled in the past and always include a headshot. A candidate will likely ignore you if you do not have an image of yourself, as they will likely think it is spam.  

Company visibility

As a second note, ensure the company profile is up-to-date and includes links to the main website. This will make the agency appear far more attractive to potential employees, reducing your need to compete with others in the field.

Making contact

The great thing about LinkedIn is users can turn on a notification that says they are seeking new job opportunities, making it somewhat easier when you are reaching out to potential applicants. However, it is imperative that this initial introduction is as professional as possible. Start by introducing yourself to the candidate and who you represent with relevant web links, and then go on to discuss the role and why you think they will be perfect for the job.

Job postings

LinkedIn is a great platform to share job opportunities and vacancies, so make sure you are using the networking site to your advantage. When sharing job posts, ensure you include relevant hashtags and tag the company who is seeking applicants – this will provide jobseekers with instant details about who they’ll potentially be working for and if it is of interest.

Understand why you’re using LinkedIn

Finally, identify what job posts you’re using LinkedIn for. For example, Business Insider says that the site is a good resource for actively recruiting talent, but unfortunately isn’t a good way to fill a high volume of lower-level jobs. As such, ensure you are posting the most relevant vacancies to the audience using LinkedIn.