The Undercover Recruiter: How to Make Employees Happy

An extract from another interesting article from the team at The Undercover Recruiter regarding making employee happy. 

Successful businesses have three things in common: an excellent leader, satisfied customers, and happy employees. Compensation can only keep employees long enough. But a positive work environment with attractive perks and benefits to supplement their salary can make happy employees stay for longer.

Treat your employees as your first-level customers because that’s what they are. You should make them feel as valued, needed, and appreciated. Let’s face it: High employee turnover can cause huge losses for companies in different aspects. This is why employee satisfaction and happiness are vital to every organization’s success.

Before we get into the “how’s,” let’s see why businesses with happy employees thrive.

Happy employees have the right attitude. Unhappy employees often exhibit low spirits and mediocre or even subpar performance. This despondent attitude can instigate a negative vibe in the workplace. On the other hand, happy employees have a positive attitude that motivates them to perform better and deliver quality work that exceeds even the highest expectations.

Happy employees are productive. When your employees are happy, they’re less likely to burn out, get stressed, and call in sick. They’re also more determined and willing to take on new tasks that will help them develop their skills. Happy employees put in more effort at work and always end their days with a smile on their faces, rather than watch the clock the whole day, just waiting to leave the office.

Happy employees are team players. Employees with a positive, can-do attitude can motivate and influence other employees. They’re also more willing to offer help to support their coworkers in various tasks or projects. This positive outlook ignites a collaborative work environment where people work toward a common goal.

Happy employees are people pleasers. When you talk to cheerful people, the response is positive. Happy employees make the perfect point of contact for clients. This is important especially in customer service industries or client-facing positions.

Happy employees inspire creativity. Positive people tend to be more creative. This means happy employees who have a positive outlook are better at coming up with solutions or thinking outside the box whereas frustrated employees might not even consider finding a solution and will instead focus on finding blame.

Cultivate Employee Happiness

The benefits of having happy employees go above and beyond for businesses. This is why it’s crucial that you ensure your employees arrive and leave work with a smile.

The steps toward nurturing a workplace that employs happy people can be costly at first, but in the long run, these people will help the company grow and achieve success. Here are a few things you can do to make your employees happy:

  • Promote work-life balance to relieve people of burnout and stress.

  • Provide a comprehensive employee benefits program including group life insurance.

  • Encourage professional growth and personal success.

  • Stimulate a positive work culture and environment to shape the right attitude.

Work is hard and stressful. But when you foster a culture that promotes work-life balance, you breed happy employees. And when these people are satisfied at work and with what they do, they become fully engaged with the organization and thus more productive.

The Undercover Recruiter: How to Make Employees Happy.