Supporting Your With Both Change And HR Consultancy Services

Change is an unavoidable aspect of business today. With the rise of globalisation, many companies have needed to evolve in order to compete on a global scale and especially now with the advances in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies. With this in mind many firms have approached us looking for Change Management Consultants to optimise their transformations but are needing people who know both change skills but have an experience of HR. 

As a change management consulting firm we can support you to simplify the redirection of resources, budgets and other aspects of business operations and help you make the reshaping of an organisation a smooth process for all teams and individuals that are involved. We bring over 20 years experience as HR Practitioners and Change Agents.  

Important Focus To Ensure Your HR and Organisational Change Lands Well 

  • Change Management Consultant - Using tools like Individual Change Model manage the people side of change.
  • Developing the Case for Change - Working with senior leaders develop the business change strategies, clear reasoning.
  • Provide the tools to enable your managers lead the changes effectively.
  • Change Communication Plan - Working with key stakeholders e.g Comms and HR team, to understand the employee impacts.
  • Design the Change and Plan - Understand how the change will affect your organisation and building the compelling story
  • Shaping the Culture - Working with the teams look at new ways of working and agree the roadmap to change.
  • Change Coaching and Training plans - Reviewing and advising on any skills gaps and supporting you with requisite training.
  • Stakeholder Management - Support identify the relevant stakeholders and project sponsor, encouraging active sponsorship.
  • Support you with the relevant governance reporting and status outcomes.
  • Change Readiness Assessments - Support you with risk assurance and oversight to ensure the desired return on investments.
  • Change Resistance Management - Ensure that the solution is embraced, adopted and used by employees.
  • Data Analytics - Provide data to track the effectiveness of the change e.g. SLA, KPI.

When companies want to implement significant changes to the operation of their business, they need to take steps to ensure the process is productive. As Change management consultants we can assist you through this process to ensure that your transition in an effective and efficient manner. The practice of change management consulting relies on several key components that all serve to accomplish this goal for you. Some of the most important components include outlining a vision, involving senior leadership, developing a change management plan, engaging stakeholders, creating supportive infrastructures and properly measuring progress.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS. A key step is to outline your vision. Before and change can be implemented, a goal outcome must be defined. As change management consultants we work with your management to develop a goal that is fiscally appropriate, while also being optimistic about potential growth. By outlining the desired result of organised change, the objective can be more easily conveyed to the involved parties so that they are able to understand and connect with the benefits of the goal for themselves and the organisation. We involve your Senior Leadership as we understand that change must start with the leaders of your organisation. As consultants we will work directly with senior leaders in the implementation of your change initiatives in order to help to improve the likelihood of accomplishing desired results. It is so important that your staff sense that there is a clear level of commitment from senior leadership otherwise they may lose confidence in the changes that are being proposed. As change management consultants we can act as a mediator between opposing senior leaders, or even between senior leaders and staff. We develop a Change Management Plan to ensure we reach goals and objectives and we look forward to working with you to establish this clear change management plan. 

The first step is evaluating an organisation’s current ability to change is by performing a change readiness assessment. This is then followed by a risk analysis that determines any potential obstacles which may interfere with implementing change. The resulting plan we produce will cover all aspects of the effort, including implementation, post-implementation, and institutionalisation. As Consultants we can then use this change management plan to inform and decide whether to implement changes all at once or in phases. 

Other key Change Methodologies cover Engage Stakeholders, Create Infrastructure to Support Adoption, Measure Progress, Model for Implementing Change Initiatives, and Unfreezing. 

One of the key factors for motivating stakeholders is highlighting potential benefits and growth as a result of the change, because without this information, stakeholders may be hesitant to evolve. Change management consultants know that change doesn’t occur all at once. This is where as change management consultants we can help by ensuring that the key objectives of change are constantly communicated, and proper training is offered. Once you changes have occurred, as consultants we would monitor data to ensure the desired results are being achieved. The freezing step is intended to produce stability after the implementation of changes because through this stability, businesses are better able to expand and grow. As people accept changes, they eventually find comfortable new routines.