Our Consulting Firm based in the UK provides specialist advice and HR Services to help your businesses maximise the efficiency of your existing HR Operations, or to support a startup business. When we come into companies we always implement appropriate new policies and change procedures in the best way possible to avoid staff disruption. We are valued by companies for our ability to bring an outsider’s objective view, and to provide that needed interim consultancy support when HR Resource maybe stretched. That extra pair of hands. 

Sometimes a company is looking for a HR Company to address an immediate and particular HR problem. We can be tasked with managing your recruitment, staff assessments or HR auditing, or anything in between. HR change is always happening and as experienced Change Managers and/or Project Managers we can help with specialist areas including: HR system implementations, staff restructures, organisation and digital transformation and TUPE and IR35.  

The list below is the full range of HR Consultancy services we can support you with. It maybe that you only need help on one particular HR Service at this time e.g supporting a HR Project, employee issue, or just need some HR advice and guidance. Our HR service offering is a pick and mix of areas to suit you throughout your journey.



The HR landscape is constantly moving with legislation constantly changing, and you need comfort that you are working efficiently but also always making sure you keep up with the law. At times it can be a worry especially as tribunal claims seem to be more frequent and at times the penalties can be high. Making sure your Policy and Procedures are always up to date can be a full time job especially when you add in training and coaching of your managers to ensure they are also following the HR Regulations. As an external HR consultancy are are HR Practitioners and specialise in providing you with in depth of HR Knowledge and our team are briefed to the highest standard possible. Having a HR Service who have the expertise can remove the requirement for you and your HR staff to be constantly aware of any slight change in the rules as we will be your eyes and ears. Handling HR issues with staff can be extremely sensitive and there are advantages in having an external HR Consultancy manage some of those tricky interviews but especially as we can act as independent arbitrators which can give comfort to your staff.  As experienced HR Consultants and also as your external HR Resource we can support you manage not just staff issues but also HR Projects. 

If you are a small business or a startup you will be very hands-on in making it a success with the daily jobs that you need to attend to. HR administration can take you away from doing what will benefit the most, leaving you to wade through reams of HR paperwork. By allowing us as HR consultancy to take on the bulk of the simple work, you can focus on other business matters which need your attention. Change is an unavoidable aspect of business today. Historically, businesses avoided making major changes to their operations, yet with the rise of globalisation, companies have needed to evolve in order to compete on a global scale. With this modern emphasis on change, many firms are asking us to leverage us as Change Management Consultants to optimise their transitions. With change management consulting, we can help you simplify the redirection of resources, budgets and other aspects of business operations and help make the reshaping of your organisation a smooth process for all your teams and individuals that are involved.