We are know as trusted advisers having the knowledge and the subject matter expertise to advise, deliver on both BAU but also more strategic changes.

We provide a free and bespoke quotation on a range of services covered by our HR Consultancy and Change Management company. Supporting startups, small companies right up to large corporates and have knowledge of both the UK and EMEA.

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Our USP is we can come into a company and hit the road running due to years of practical experience under our belts.  We are not high powered consultants but are seasoned professionals, covering a wide breadth of areas and competencies and can be highly effective very quickly. We love to support start-ups, small companies right up to large corporates. We have the knowledge of the UK and global (EMEA)

A consulting or consultancy firm is a business of one or more experts (consultants) that provides professional feedback to an individual or an organisation for a fee. As a consultancy firm we provide executives with consultants, who are as industry-specific specialists and subject-matter experts, trained in management or business schools. Our deliverables as HR consultants is usually advice or a recipe to follow to achieve a company objective, leading to a company project. More and more consulting firms like us are complementing the strategic deliverables by providing the means to implement the recommendations, either with the consultants or by providing technicians and/or experts. This has opened new markets for us and this is called outsourcing.

You may have identified a short-term Human Resource need or just want some advice and support, whether on a consultancy basis, come in from time to time as a retainer or help you with a defined project, we can help bridge that gap. The cost of recruiting someone to cover all eventualities can be expensive and the onboarding process sometimes can take time, and this is our USP and we can add value quickly.

This website breaks down all the key disciplines into distinct areas and provides you with a pick and mix to choose from. For example, HR Consultancy and HR Change Management covers key HR areas where there is a change happening and you ned specific skills e.g. HR Project Management, Change management Consultants, IR35 management, IR35 Private Sector reforms consultants, TUPE Specialist and also OD Change Specialist.

The Human Resource Management is broken down further into areas e.g. Human Resource Employer Services which is a catch all including Outsource HR Services, HR Business Partner and supporting HRBP Interim work, HR Operations, Recruitment Consultant. We then have HR specialist employee areas e.g. Policy and Procedure Management, HR Analysis and HR Analytics, Governance and Accreditation. We also specialise in Objective Setting including OKR Systems, Redundancy and Mergers Consultant. Disciplinary and Grievance Employer Services, Employee Relations Adviser and Consultant and lastly we provide Organisation Design and Transformation Consultants.