Supporting With Employee And Union Relationships

Good Employee Relations Managers are responsible for facilitating employee relations and resolving human resource issues on behalf of a company. Employee relations managers are responsible for the oversight and management of employee relations issues, internal investigations, and prompt problem resolution. They also manage the investigative process for internal complaints of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other high-risk employment issues.

As HR Practitioners we have a lot of experience working with staff, team managers, staff representatives and unions. Our HR Consultants have undertaken many negotiations in a friendly and professional manner.    

Providing Professional HR Consultancy Support To Avoid And Manage Staff Conflict 

  • Provide your managers with the tools, access to advice needed to effectively manage the performance of their employees. 
  • Coach and influence your Managers to ensure decisions are in line with current legislation, while remaining commercially aware. 
  • Take ownership of your complex ER cases, trade union discussions and areas where HR expertise is required to minimise risk. 
  • Help you understand the implications around any TUPE, restructuring and future staff changes.
  • Act as the employment legal expert, and provide timely advice on matters or work with your chosen legal advisers. 
  • Follow-up with your managers to sure their intervention has been successful, and to offer any further assistance needed. 
  • Act for you as mediation or an escalation point in disputes or formal proceedings. 
  • Ensure all your cases are advised on, managed in line with policies and procedures, managed through to conclusion. 
  • Be visible to you managers and employees and being accessible to assist with employee challenges or concerns. 
  • Developing an effective relationships with the unions (staff rep) to promote good employee relations across your organisation. 
  • Monitoring trends in employment practices and advise you on appropriate proactive action. 
  • Provide relevant and timely legal updates from specialist in their field e.g CIPD, ACAS and xpertHR. 
  • Provide Management Information regarding all activity.

Employee Relations Managers look out for the best interests of employees and assist employers with contract disputes and negotiations. They consult on new and existing HR Policies and working together determine the best way employees and employers should act. As HR Practitioners we can a lot of experience working with staff representatives, unions and key stakeholders. 

As a Employee Relations Managers and HR Consultants our role is to look after the best interests of employees, and assist employers with contract disputes and negotiations. For example you may have a sexual harassment policy that forbids employees from treating others in a negative way because of gender or sexual orientation. This is also set down in UK law. As an Employee Relations Managers we are the ones responsible for advising on the policy and ensuring that all staff follow the rules held within. Your 

policies has in place determines the way employees can act. You may also have many policies which also apply e.g drug or alcohol use, act on social networking sites and how they act around your clients. As HR Consultants we can support you when creating benefits packages. Benefits packages refer to all benefits awarded to employees, including vacation time, sick leave, maternity leave, health insurance and stock incentives. When creating one of these packages, you need to talk with employees about what they want and need, compare prices from different insurers and decide if all employees should receive the same package. Some companies now offer better benefits for employees who were with the company longer and offer fewer benefits to new employees. 

We can work with your union representatives and unions on a regular basis. This is a good check and balance to ensure any bubbling issues are resolved quickly. This becomes increasing important when dealing with mergers or redundancies and discussions around what the staff benefits or package will be and interpretation of redundancy polices and legislation. This is particularly important when dealing with compulsory and voluntary redundancy. Having a good ER Manager can make a considerable difference to avoid conflict and being able to example to staff the positions with empathy but also clarity.