HR Governance and ISO 9001 Accreditation

Assurance And Oversight Of HR Risks

Helping Small and Medium Size Business Gain ISO 9001 Accreditation

The word governance has several definitions and meanings; however, in its simplest terms, it is the practices and processes that are put in place to help organisations achieve their goals ethically and in the best interest of all stakeholders. We can provide an independent review and look at the company form four key lenses e.g. Policy and Procedures, Practice, HR Audits, Risk Management and Professional expertise. 

For small and medium size companies we provide accreditation support and services for ISO 9001 which includes managing the key steps and advising on how to achieve each element. It can be at first glance daunting but we have a library of examples to help you.   

Providing You With An Independent HR Consultant To Complete HR Audits

  • Lead on the delivery against any internal HR audit findings ensuring appropriate actions taken and measures put in place.
  • HR Compliance team ensuring appropriate resource management and stakeholder engagement.
  • Performance management of the team are happening and robust including 121 and appropriate feedback provided.
  • Manage diverse teams within an inclusive team culture where people are recognised for their contribution.
  • HR Compliance team ensuring appropriate resource management and stakeholder engagement.  

Quick Overview Of Some Of the Key ISO Accreditation Task

  • Project management of ISO accreditation.
  • Supporting the design and implementation of the SSO strategy leading on compliance and governance aspects.
  • Taking an active role in the recruitment, induction programme and on-going training for team members.
  • Review and recommend Operations and Continuous Improvements.
  • Leading on the development, implementation and monitoring of business relevant service definitions, KPIs, SLAs and OLAs.
  • Providing ways of measuring of achievement against the levels set out and working closely with key managers.
  • Reviewing compliance around right to work policy and records management and ensure meeting the legislation requirements.

HR governance encompasses the oversight and leadership of HR strategy, related policy, and program results. More specifically, HR governance is comprised of two components: formal governance and internal HR governance. Formal governance involves the Board of Directors, and ideally, a standing HR or Compensation Committee.

HR Governance and ISO 9001 Accreditation

Internal HR governance consists of the CEO and management team's approach and strategy to HR management and program efficiency and effectiveness. HR governance is core component of, good corporate governance - in the same way that financial governance or risk governance are also core components. Formal HR governance includes risk management, as well as policy and program governance. Indeed, HR governance also includes the internal oversight and management of an organisation's HR strategy, programs, practices, and outcomes, through clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities both down and across the enterprise. In addition, HR governance involves the HR business model, and the organisation, measurement and management of the HR function, along with the related implications for its management and employees.

According to findings, most respondents from both public and private sector organisations think that organisations are doing a good job in articulating corporate vision and values. Moreover, organisations are now implementing HR planning and questioning the efficiency of their HR business models. Areas of priority, however, include developing formal HR governance structures and practices, HR performance measurement metrics, and clarity of accountabilities for all stakeholders, including Board, line management, and employees. A critical component of HR governance is clarity of the organisation's desired HR strategy, scope of HR policies and programs, and its enabling HR business model, including clarity of roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities for all stakeholders. HR Governance also requires clarity of formal roles and accountabilities between the Board, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and line management.