We can support you by writing your Policies and Procedures, Employment Contracts, and Staff Handbook to ensure they are legal, compliant and easy to read. We have a full library which are fully compliant with ACAS, NSPCC, CQC, Ofsted and the UK Law and follow the standards recommended by CIPD and expertHR.  

As experienced HR Practitioners we know the key policies you need, and we have the legal knowledge to write employee contracts to ensure you are compliant with UK law, but also to mitigate any risks to you from any potential employee claims. We always cover Diversity and Inclusion, Equality, Equal Pay, Disciplinary and much more, and we always keep up to date with the changes in HR legislation. Our Staff handbook are comprehensive and cover all of the key and important areas you need to communicate with your staff. They are clear, look professional and easy to read. 

For larger companies we also have completed Policy mapping across both the UK and EMEA.  

We are also knowledgeable around Process Improvements and can complete reviews and recommending process efficiency. 

We Create Bespoke Policies 

  • Produce quality policies and procedures and guidance that are user-friendly and update to date with the law. 
  • Providing Safeguarding, Code of Conduct and a full library of other key policies required by law when working with Children and Young Adults.
  • Can provide you with the fundamental and full library of Care Quality Commission and Ofsted Policies required to set up a Domiciliary Care Service, Foster Agency, Care Home plus many others linked to Social Health Care and Care Acts.    
  • Support you with key policies required for the Construction Industry, Cafe, Food Industry and much more.  
  • Written Statement of Terms and Conditions covering Zero, Casual, Fixed term, Permanent Contracts plus Self-Employed and Contractor Supply of Services .  
  • Support start-ups and small business with their top 10 policies required by law and more if required.
  • Review or provide robust Contracts of Employment and Terms of Employment which are both legal and compliant.
  • Draft and develop your Policy and Procedures and Staff Handbook.
  • Provide up to date knowledge of Policy changes in legislation and best practice.
  • Project Management to implement your Policy and Procedure changes.
  • Provide Policy and Procedure analysis and mapping - UK and Offshore.
  • Lead negotiations with Trades Unions on new policies and procedures changes.
  • Partner with key areas e.g. Employee Relations, Recruitment, Compliance, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion to gain sign-off.
  • Review standard HR letters and provide improvements and templates.
  • Working closely with managers to develop and continually review operational processes to ensure they work in practice.
  • Provide Process Improvement specialist and consultants to complete mapping and increase ROI and mitigate duplication.
  • Work with your IT team to ensure clear sign posting of your Policies.
  • Provide easy to read Procedures on your Intranet and downloadable via PDF.
  • Provide and recommend Policy Management Solutions.

Key Policies you should have in place are Workplace Health and Safety, Equal Opportunity, Employee Code of Conduct, Leave of Absence, Sickness, Employee Disciplinary and Grievance, Complaints, Staff Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion and much more and we can provide these for you. We can also work with you to create your Staff Handbook. 

Providing quality policies and procedure documents for your orgnaisation. You may have identified a short-term Human Resource need or just want some advice and support, whether on a consultancy basis, come in from time to time as a retainer or help you with a defined project, we can help bridge that gap. The cost of recruiting someone to cover all eventualities can be expensive and the onboarding process sometimes can take time and this is our USP and we can add value quickly. 

We help manage employee relations cases and developing and implementing HR policies, procedures and practices. We can support you and be responsible for delivering effective services to both line managers and senior leaders including developing and implementing policies and procedures that promote high quality people management. We have significant up-to-date knowledge of employment law and HR policies and procedures, including employee relations cases up to ET, and proven experience of advising managers at all levels. We have demonstrable experience of using HR interventions to deliver strategic aims, taking into account customer feedback and wider best practice. We have experience of leading team(s), creating an inclusive and empowering working environment, actively working to promote diversity, and setting effective individual and team objectives. 

We will ensure that HR policies and practices are fit for the future and that they capture the organisation’s culture, whilst adhering to employment law legislation. We can lead and contribute to your HR policy review and development across a broad range of subjects and be responsible for managing delegated project work. We will review and analyse current HR policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvement, including identifying priorities. 

When working with Children and Young Adults we have a policy library for the following: Anti-Bullying Policy. Safeguarding Policy. Safeguarding Policy Statement. Policy around Recruiting People. Protecting Children from FGM. Managing Allegations of Abuse Policy. Photography and Filming Policy Statement. Online Safety Policy Statement. Code for Adults Working with Children. Code for Children and Young People. Guide: Gillick Competency and Fraser Guidelines. Guide: Definition and Signs of Child Abuse. Guide: Recognising and responding to Abuse (Children and Young People). Nominated Child Protection Lead (including defined role description).