HR Practitioners Who Have Experience In Restructuring

Having to undertake redundancies can be very daunting, especially if you have not had to complete one before. Its important that you manage the staff correctly to maintain morale but also to ensure you are not breaching any legal rules, and ideally following the ACAS guidelines. As HR Consultants but also HR Practitioners we have the experience and knowledge to support you. This may be just to provide some interim support and advice, or to work alongside your own HR teams, or manage the end to end process completely. 

Some of The Key Steps To Managing Redundancies

  • Supporting you if you have not done redundancies before, including providing the legal and ACAS framework.
  • Reviewing Resource Workforce Planning to understand the business impacts around the redundancies e.g. Stop/Start
  • Consider alternatives to redundancy e.g. change in contracts, part-time working, change shift patterns, attachment, redeployment.
  • Supporting you by removing the emotion and focusing on the facts and avoid escalations.
  • Provisioning of the documentation that you need including letters, selection criteria, rules, consultation packs.
  • Supporting the process including providing project plans from the start to the finish including framework solutions.
  • Helping you with the Selection Criteria to ensure the identification is legal and fair.
  • Support you in deal with the aftermath of a redundancy process including changes to workloads.
  • Providing you with a full written process and consultation scripts.
  • Attending meetings with staff and Managers and to coach and mentor.
  • Conducting all the meetings for you, work with you on defining the outline messaging.
  • Working with the staff to ensure morale is maintained, and avoiding talent attrition of key staff.
  • Supporting dialogue with the unions or support staff reps, including training.
  • Support communications e.g. staff FAQ's, press and suppliers.

We will provide you with a redundancy plan to help you manage each stage of the redundancy process. It will show you how, if you can avoid compulsory redundancies, help with consulting staff, selection criteria for redundancy. The plan will outline the correct staff notice, work out with your HR policies redundancy pay. We will work with your staff representatives and trade unions at an early stage which is critical when the redundancy or merger is complex or large. 

REDUNDANCY AND MERGER HR CONSULTANTS . Having an agreed redundancy plan allows you to easily share information with all your staff and help them understand what’s happening. It’s particularly useful when you explain your proposed changes during the con Avoid compulsory redundancies. You can avoid job losses by planning and looking at other options.

Before making redundancies, you should see if you can alternatives. These could be, offer voluntary redundancy or early retirement, agree to flexible working, temporarily reduce staff working hours, ask staff to stop working for a short time, retrain staff to do other jobs in your business, let go of temporary or contract staff, limit or stop overtime and not hire any new staff.

Offer voluntary redundancy or early retirement and your offer should cover the whole workforce, and it must always be the employee’s choice to volunteer. Make sure you do not pressure anyone or single a person out. For example, you could be accused of age discrimination if you only offer early retirement to your older workers. You do not have to select an employee just because they volunteer. For example, if your most experienced employee volunteers you can explain that you’re not selecting them. It’s a good idea to make clear to staff early on that voluntary redundancy or early retirement is not automatically given. You must have a fair way of selecting who does get voluntary redundancy or early retirement. You can offer extra redundancy pay if you want to encourage staff to volunteer.

We have been managing redundancy and restructures for many years and can provide that oversight and professionalism to your change. We also have a library of very useful documenta and example templates which can be used. We follow at all times the ACAS guidelines.