We will support you by ensuring you have a great organisation design for the restructuring of your organisation, or individual department area, to enhance the delivery of your strategy and performance targets. Working with your senior exec we will map your existing capabilities and accountabilities so that we can identify any shortcomings or gaps. A key part of this process will be to end up with a clear vision and map of your reporting lines and cross-functional teams, this will then help facilitate a way forward to gain more effective team working and information flows across your organisation. With Digital Transformation and AI happening now, it will be important that we support you and ensure the company is strong, agile, and has the capabilities for its future growth.

Part of our support service will also be to work with your HR Managers and team to look at improvements to your operating model and agree if there are any processes that need improving. This could be within the HR processes or across the business. 

Managing staff is critical in any organisation restructuring, especially if there could be redundancies, and we are experienced HR Practitioners who have helped many companies with these changes. We have knowledge of HR data mapping, payroll and reward data analysis, writing or updating Job Descriptions, creating Organisation Charts and working on key staff communications. We will also work with you on the creation of Consultation Packs and having 121 meetings with impacted staff. 

Important Organisation Design And Change Management Steps We take

  • Providing project management throughout the process, including status reporting.
  • Interact with senior management to review their structures and identify where work may be duplicated across the organisation. 
  • Map the current "As Is" structure and provide organisation charts which are clear and informative down to all the layers. 
  • Identify the problem statement around the current structure.
  • Map which roles are critical to the success of the organisation. 
  • Agree how overheads and cost can be reduced and provide timelines and phasing to avoid disruption to the business. 
  • Understand how they could leverage economies of scale by structuring teams differently. 
  • Work with senior teams to understand the future growth strategy including impacts on AI and Digital.
  • Provide "To be" recommendations and understand risk and issues.
  • Provide clear and meaningful Communication including building the case for change. 
  • Agree and identify key drivers around performance and financial objectives (e.g. business KPIs, business cases). 
  • Provide financial data on the current "As Is" costs to the business. 
  • Agree location and capability needs. 
  • Collate data from HR systems to understand the current staff data e.g. job titles, salaries etc. 
  • Provide designs using current OD principals e.g. span of control, layers etc. 
  • Agree if the correct structures in each department aligns to the strategic goals of the organisation. 
  • Understand the service impacts to deliver so any proposed changes still provide a good service.
  • Support staff consultation including working with key HR teams.
  • Ensure payroll, cost centre changes and important letters are correct and sent on time. 
  • Support processes to assess the organisational effectiveness post change.

Our clients face many challenges that require thought and action in the area of organisation design. These often result in their organisation structure, roles, and accountabilities being changed or re-aligned across the whole business or within significant functions or business units. Typical and frequent triggers for such organisation design projects include. You have identified that you require new or enhanced capabilities in order to deliver on your strategy. You are implementing a new operating model or technology platform and so your organisation design must change accordingly.

ORGANISATION DESIGN CONSULTANTS AND PROVIDING SUPPORT FOR RESTRUCTURING AND HR TRANSFORMATION. Your organisation is going through a merger or acquisition or has grown rapidly (e.g. entered new geographies). Your organisation needs to re-align its capabilities to improve your performance in the marketplace. You have identified that you must reduce your operating costs and overheads. There has been a change in the external environment which has disrupted your business (e.g. new regulations), or Your function needs to conform to a new group-wide organisational blueprint. Whichever it is, it is imperative the organisation design is done well, and we can help you achieve this. A poorly executed organisation design project can be more harmful than doing nothing at all. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that such projects can bring a tangible dip in performance. We want your organisation design projects to be successful, and we believe our method and toolkit significantly increases the probability that they will. Our approach to organisation design can help you to. Enhance business performance by aligning your structure and people to your strategy, looking at your organisation and understanding what changes would make it perform better – and then delivering those changes. Strip out unnecessary organisational complexity, role ambiguity, and simplify your work processes to develop more effective organisation units, improve cross-functional working, and reduce costs. Streamline your decision-making processes to clarify accountability and improve responsiveness and agility. Apply our experience in project, talent, and change management to support the transition to your new organisation or embed organisation design capability within your team through knowledge transfer and the design of a fit for purpose approach.