HR Employer Services For Business And Startups

HR Consultancy Service Providing Dedicated HR Support

We guide, advise, lead and manage businesses through a variety of HR and employment matters.

Our HR Employer Services are designed to support business and startups who may not be large enough to support dedicated HR staff or the current in-house resources may be overstretched. Either way, many of our clients have faced similar issues and turned to us for expert advice and help from a qualified CIPD HR Professional.

Operational HR issues

All Operational HR areas including grievances, disciplinaries, dismissals, application of family friendly policies, job descriptions, absence and welfare management.

Recruitment service

As part of our Employer Recruitment Service, we can organise and manage your advertising, candidate screening, psychometric profiling and competency-based interviewing needs.

Performance management

From developing job descriptions to managing the employee appraisal process and developing and implementing performance improvement plans for training and development programmes, we can provide practical and effective guidance and tools to actively manage the performance of your employees.

HR alignment & streamlining HR practice & procedure

As your business is developing it may be necessary to align your HR practices and procedures to your business strategy. It is also important to align your HR practices and procedures with each other to ensure consistency of application.

We can ensure that all HR practices, policies and procedures are fit for purpose and streamlined to your business. This can include migrating from manual to computerised systems, implementing employee portals and as required the outsourcing of HR Services such as recruitment, payroll and training.

In addition, we can provide support and guidance regarding automating your HR systems, recommending templates and forms as well as assisting with any plans you may have migrating from a manual to computerised system.

Support and guidance can also be provided regarding the implementation of a computerised Human Resources Information System (HRIS) through reviewing third parties and making the necessary recommendations.


We can develop and implement HR KPI’s aligned to your business plan including the communication plan and output requirements. A balanced scorecard approach can be utilised to measure and record your labour turnover, absence, headcount, recruitment, training, OKR etc to meet your specific requirements.

Corporate restructuring

When it’s time to review your internal structures, we can help with your re-organisational requirements including spans of control. We are also able to recommend areas to outsourcing moving your fixed costs to variable costs. In addition, we can assist with redundancy and TUPE exercises always ensuring legislative requirements are met.

Employee appraisal

Aligned to your performance management process, we can help you to implement new employee appraisals process or review those existing arrangements to ensure total expectation matching for both you the employer and the employee.

The process can be expanded to include the development of job descriptions, setting individual employee and / or team objectives, through to succession planning, talent management and training and development.

Management development

To enhance your current training and development programmes we can design and implement a management development programme to help support and grow your management team. We can deliver workshops and seminars to support this management initiative.  In addition, we can help you to identify the need for management development and realise the potential of your management team.

Succession planning

As part of your employee appraisal process, we can identify those employees who will be the future of your business. Whether it is at an apprentice level or identifying your future leaders, we can offer support and guidance to identify, retain, develop and promote this valuable internal resource.

Talent management

A programme to help you achieve your business plan by ensuring that you can attract, engage, retain and develop key employees whereby they have a specialism and / or are high potential individuals.

Employee engagement initiatives

Enabling your employees, a communication feedback mechanism is vital in order to ensure that your employees have a voice. Mechanisms can include the implementation of a Company newsletter or simple employee questionnaire. Other more comprehensive processes include the formation of employee committees or improvement / communication teams and developing your Intranet. Whichever mechanism is best for you, we can provide practical advice and support you through.