Providing HR Outsourcing or Business Process Outsourcing

Our HR Employer Services are designed to supports business and startups who are starting out on their journey to greatness and may not be large enough as yet, to support a dedicated HR team, or just need someone to support on specific issues from time to time.

The services include HR Policy & Procedure writing, HR administration support, Interim HR Managers, Recruitment and much more.  We can help on Employment tribunals, managing prevention and ensuring you have the financial safeguards in place. Our HR Management Service also included Absentee Management, Conflict Resolution and Fair Employment monitoring. Through our HR services you can assign all, or part of your HR function to us as a professional external HR Service provider. 

We also provide bespoke retainer services if you need someone on standby for HR advice from time to time.


The advantage of a having a HR Managed Service or HR Outsourcing, is you can focus your time on building your great empires and let us support you with time-consuming HR tasks. We can cover a wide spectrum of HR Disciplines and can be available on a interim basis if you just need one particular HR Service at this moment. We can provide the full-on outsourcing piece or act as a retainer to manage one or two bespoke areas e.g Managing a staff helpline, Recruitment or Disciplinary and employee issues.   

There are many definition out there for HR Managed Services and they can be called  HR outsourcing (also known as HRO) is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. On the other hand Business Process HR outsourcing (also known as BPO), is where an external supplier manages discrete HR activities, such as payroll administration or recruitment, or perhaps the whole human resources function. The advantages of a HR Managed Service or HR Outsourcing is you can re-focus the time spent on essential but time-consuming HR tasks that can be outsourced to a reputable provider. Control and reduce HR administration costs. Comply with employment legislation. Ensure personnel related information is maintained. Prevent employment tribunal cases arising and if unsuccessful safe in the knowledge that you are financially covered. Improve levels of Absenteeism. Instead of acquiring and managing HR resources in-house you can have instant access to a fully managed service. No additional staff or computer resources are required, and we assume all responsibility for day to day management. Potential benefits of HR outsourcing are Reduced cost and Increased efficiency. Access to improved HR IT systems and Improved management information (including human capital metrics). Access to HR expertise not available internally and Increased flexibility and speed of response. Reduced risk and you are free HR resources to operate more strategically.