As Change Management Consultancy we would serve you as a distinct role within your change initiatives. We act as an conduit between leadership and the rest of your staff in the organisation. As successful agents of change we can help smooth resistance to change, and address the issues before they derail your initiative, we ensure the successful implementation and adoption of your new project. We will also ensure that the key SLA, KPI and hard numbers are known and delivered upon. 

The HR change landscape is constantly changing and evolving and at times you may need that extra pair of project hands either on an interim or project basis. We have changed in our DNA and have been supporting business in one shape or another for over 20 years. As experienced HR Consultants we have both the in depth knowledge of the HR landscape and strategic imperatives, but also the experience of actually landing HR change into the business.


What Skills Do We Bring To Support You

Diversified knowledge with experience in the business discipline impacted by the change effort.
A willingness to ask tough questions, flexibility, creativity and an openness to new ideas.
Strong network, trustworthiness and credibility, an understanding of the business culture. 
Courage, excitement for new opportunities and potential; and comfort working through uncertainty.
Ability to prioritise, ability to build relations, strong communication skills and good people skills.

As experienced change managers we can come in to deliver your change as Interim HR Consultants, Change Managers or as HR Project Managers - different titles and bringing it all together, we would be providing professional and experienced Change Agents.

PROVIDING CHANGE MANAGEMENT AND PROJECT MANAGERS. As experienced change managers we can come in to deliver your change as Interim HR Consultants, Change Managers or as HR Project Managers - different titles and together we would say we can provide you with professional and experienced Change Agents. 

A successful change agent but also HR Practitioners, we become well-respected by the individuals impacted by the organisational change, and build a reputation  as the one who is well-informed about the various facets of the project and your organisation and the staff involved. 

We take on the task of being an agent of change assuming responsibility for promoting the value of the transformation that is being undertaken by your organisation, formulating how the transformation will happen, guiding and supporting others through the transformation. We ensure that the new processes, procedures, structures, etc. are implemented in ways that deliver the expected value that the organisational change is meant to produce. As change agent we act as a liaison between your organisation's leadership that sponsors the change initiative and the people impacted by the change. We provide and articulate reasons for the change, answer questions and persuades others on the necessity of your initiative, while also bringing concerns voiced by the organisation to the attention of you as the leadership. 

Our role and responsibilities are to implement the HR Strategy and assist in the decision-making process. We will also take responsibility for the metrics for success in the project plan. Key actions are also to explaining why change is taking place and who will be affected. Advocating for the change initiative, disseminating information, highlighting potential benefits and drawbacks of proposed initiatives. Anticipating and evaluating areas of potential dispute or disruption, developing strategies to counteract those potential areas of dispute or disruption. Obtaining feedback to share with leadership and conveying responses back, serving as a point person who is available to hear others' concerns, ideas and questions. Advising stakeholders, as well as the impacted individuals, mediating points of contention. Tracking and managing objectives of the project established for the change agent.